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Mon, Jul. 4th, 2005, 04:08 pm
mopedronin: Fujisan.Com - Japanese Anime/Manga and More

Get great Japanese goods at Fujisan.com. An extremely easily navigated site with tons of great stuff, anime to magazines and music.

Made in DNA

Tue, Mar. 22nd, 2005, 08:03 pm
priestmatthias: new member

Hello everyone. I've been collecting Japanese toys for 20 years now. Here's me in my toy room (I just recently moved and it's still in a process of unpacking).

Tue, Feb. 22nd, 2005, 11:15 am
the_critic: (no subject)

i finally got the 20th anniversary edition optimus prime yesterday (marked down at walmart!).

i really IS all it's made out to be. i actually had to read the directions to figure out how to transform it (like 20 years ago...). they made optimus transform like i always wanted him to. and he's fully articulated!


even the wife thinks he's pretty cool.

the only problem i have is the unrealistic trailer hitch. i wonder if they're intending to make a trailer?

Mon, Jan. 31st, 2005, 03:49 pm
terrorisaman: anyone here collect Great Mystery Museum figures?

I'm looking for some individual figures from the first few series of these toys and they seem to be really obscure, even among people who collect japanese toys.

anyone here into them that can possibly help me or know of a store or somewhere that might be able to?


Sun, Jan. 30th, 2005, 12:26 am
akari_house: New Rockettubes Live Journal

Just thought I'd mention I've set up a seperate LJ account for my new Micro-centric toy blog:


I'll later swap my ID here for the one I'm using on it, so sorry for any confusion!

Thu, Jan. 20th, 2005, 12:16 am
corange: (no subject)

Dear Group,

Please ignore my last plead for participation in my poll. I made a mistake in my first poll. Some valuable questions have been added to the new poll. Won't you consider taking it (again)?


Thank you,

Tue, Jan. 18th, 2005, 11:40 pm
corange: corange's Japan Research Poll

Hi All,

I am doing some research on Japan, with a focus on popular culture.

If you would take just a few minutes of your time to help me with my research, you will have my undying gratitude.


Cross-posted a lot. Sorry for any inconvenience. (^_^;;

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu m(_ _)m

Sun, Dec. 26th, 2004, 10:19 pm
wekillsoapscum: (no subject)

apparently takara is bringing back the diaclone line (along with veritech and dougram, if i remember right) does anyone know anything about the new diaclone? all i saw was an article on http://www.seibertron.com which didn't explain much, and i'm dying to know more about it.

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